Muck, Mess and Mixtures

September 20th, 2019

Our topic this term is Muck, Mess & Mixtures, and it involves a lot of science!

Since the beginning of term, we’ve been learning all about the different states of matter (solid, liquid and gas). We learnt that the particles are all bunched together in a solid, are further apart in a liquid and are even further apart in a gas! We then learnt about reversible changes and thought about how to separate a muddy mixture. We decided on using different pieces of equipment to separate the mixture, and see which made the liquid the most translucent.

We found that the funnel and filter paper made the water the most translucent because the paper has the tiniest holes in that let the water through and trap the mud. And we loved getting muddy in the process!

Area Sports

June 27th, 2019

Everyone who qualified for Area Sports really enjoyed competing against very talented athletes from across the area. There was fantastic effort from all who took part and Archie finished 2nd in the 80m sprint which is a fantastic achievement.


June 19th, 2019

The rounders team enjoyed the opportunity to compete against other local schools at Kingshill School. It was an excellent chance to improve their collaboration skills and test out the effectiveness of different tactical decisions. They improved in every match demonstrating the ability to persevere and learn from their mistakes which will really help them in future matches. Well done everyone!

Cricket Coaching

June 5th, 2019

The Hawks and Owls enjoyed their first week of cricket coaching from Chance to Shine. Even though the weather was not ideal for cricket, everyone was able to enjoy learning new skills in the hall. 

Geography in the Owls

May 24th, 2019

As part of our ‘We are the Future’ topic this term in the Owls, we have been learning about the different biomes of the world.

Biomes are natural areas of the Earth that have certain climates and certain types of living things (plants and animals). The plants and animals of each biome have traits that help them survive in their particular biome. Some of the major biomes are tundra, desert, taiga, rainforest, savannah and temperate deciduous forest.

We first worked in groups to create a poster for each of these biomes.

We then wrote some quiz questions for each biome we were focusing on and Miss Smith compiled these and everyone had all 30 questions to answer. From there, we went on to consolidate our learning by writing our own paragraphs about each of the biomes.

Here is some our amazing work being displayed in the corridor:




Sponsored Walk 2019

May 23rd, 2019

The whole school enjoyed the beautiful local countryside as they made their way around Avening on the sponsored walk. Everyone enjoyed the chance to be outside in the lovely weather and recognise the health benefits of different forms of exercise. It was great to see so many pupils already bringing in their sponsor money in support of FOAS.

District Sports

May 21st, 2019

A huge ‘Well Done’ to all of the Hawks and Owls who took part in District Sports! Everyone competed against other local schools in a variety of athletic events. It was good to see everyone challenge themselves to compete with determination and respect while always aspiring to achieve a personal best. The weather was wonderful and the Sports Leaders from SWR made sure that everything ran very smoothly. Keep a look out for the results to come soon.

Talent Show

April 5th, 2019

Everyone was thoroughly entertained by the pupils throughout the school who performed in the talent show this year. There were dancers, comedy shows, musicians, comedians, martial artists and many more. The audience showed great respect for everyone who took part and realised that they were challenging themselves to stand up in the rest of the school to perform. It was fantastic to see so many talents on show! A full gallery of photos is on the school website.

Treasure Island

April 3rd, 2019

We were very fortunate to have M & M Travelling Theatre Productions visit the school to perform ‘Treasure Island’ to the pupils. Everyone was enthralled by the superb acting, staging and music throughout the performance and found the whole production inspiring. KS2 were also privileged to take part in a workshop where they learnt about the processes involved in creating the show. They had an impromptu acting lesson, examined the set as well as having the chance to operate the lights and music. At the end of the workshop, they asked some great questions and got some important tips for their future school performances.

World Book Day

March 4th, 2019

World Book Day is always a brilliant occasion here at Avening School, and this year was no exception! Our theme this year was ‘The Jungle Book’, a brilliant story by Rudyard Kipling in which he creates a magical world in which animals can talk and reason.

The children all came to school dressed as characters or animals from the story, and they were delighted to discover that the school had been transformed into the jungle overnight.

We began the day with a special assembly where we learnt lots of things about the story and Rudyard Kipling himself. For example, did you know that The Jungle Book was written way back in 1894?

The children were all really impressed with the variety of costumes, including the staff’s costumes!

The children then went off into their houses, and each house took it in turns to participate in the special activities that had been arranged for the day.

There was an artist’s workshop in the Kestrels where the whole school worked together to create a collage.

The children took part in some authentic jungle-style activities in our lovely learning garden, as well as listening to the amazing Jungle Book story around the fire with Alex the Elephant.

Because of the incredible music linked to The Jungle Book, we also had a singing workshop in the Owls.

And finally, there was a dance workshop in the hall where we got to choreograph our own dance!

We all had an amazing day! Thank you to all of the people involved in the preparation for World Book Day. An extra special mention must go to our wonderful school librarian, Alex, for her fantastic ideas and enthusiasm which helped to make World Book Day such a brilliant day for everyone involved!

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