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Anti-Bullying Week in the Owls

Sunday, November 17th, 2019

This week in the Owl’s Class, we’ve been doing lots of work around anti-bullying and showing kindness to others.

We started the week off with Mrs Gator, looking at two books that connected well with the theme of this week.

The first book we read together was ’For Every Child’. The book is all about the rights that children have. We discussed the 54 rights in the UN convention on the right of the child and that fact that unfortunately, not all children experience these rights like we do. We found this quite shocking, and realised just how lucky we are, just to be able to come to school.

The next book we read together was called ‘Every Child A Song’.

It starts by saying that when you are born, a song begins. We discussed what we thought the opening line meant and decided that the song was representing life beginning, and it is shaped and changed by the experiences that we have as we grow older.

The songs in the book are all very different. We decided that this is because every person is different and every person has different experiences as they go through life. We also talked about the things that our song needs in order to become louder and stronger. The main ideas we came up with were love and friendship, as well as the things we need in order to survive, for example food and water.

Once we’d read both books, we then created our own ‘Songs’. Here are a few examples:

We ended the week by presenting them in our Celebration Assembly. Everyone did a great job!

English in the Owls

Sunday, November 17th, 2019

This term in the Owls, we have been focusing on war themed literature in our English lessons. We began the term looking at and creating our own war poetry for Remembrance Day.

First, we looked at what a good one looks like (WAGOLL) and analysed the poetic features and devices.

Next, we watched some footage from the front line of WW1 and looked at some thought-provoking images. After a long discussion, we created our own war-related poetic devices.

We then planned and wrote our poem in our books.

Finally, we presented our poetry ready for the Remembrance Day Assembly. Here are some examples:

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