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Monday, November 19th, 2018

Each term, every class takes part in a similar science experiment. This term, we looked at dunking biscuits!

In the Owls class, we began by recapping our science question stem and discussed why it’s so useful:

We then moved on to our focus for this experiment: collecting data – gathering evidence. As a class, we discussed what makes results accurate and precise. After a short discussion, we decided on 2 main ways:

1 – keeping as many variables as possible the same, apart from the variable we are changing to see what effect it has on the outcome.

2 – making our experiment repeatable would make our results most accurate, as it would keep errors to a minimum and enable us to calculate an average which would show the middle or most common value for our results.

We then discussed 2 key aspects of gathering data: what we measure and what we observe. We decided to measure the time it took the biscuit to break off when held in a beaker holding 200ml of water at room temperature. Everybody had the same sized beaker and 3 of two different sorts of biscuits. We recorded our results on scrap paper to begin with.

Miss Smith then created an observation wall, on which we were able to stick post-it notes of what we were observing during the experiment:

‘I observed bubble coming from the biscuit.’

‘The digestive didn’t bubble like the hobnob did.’

‘I saw the biscuit disintegrate into minuscule pieces, then the stability of the biscuit didn’t work and it fell becuase of gravity.’

‘I observed (on the cookie) the chocolate chips falling off.’

‘The water changes colour.’

Once we had completed the experiment, we went back to our rough results and wrote them up into a table where we also worked out the average. Whilst doing this, we realised that we first needed to convert our timings into seconds, otherwise working out the average would be tricky due to time being measured in sets of 60 – a vast difference to our normal number system which works in sets of 10.

First, Miss Smith talked us through how to work out the mean average.

Then, we went back and worked it out for our own results.

Anti-Bullying Week

Monday, November 19th, 2018

The theme for anti-bullying week this year was ‘choose respect’.

In the Owls class, we began the week by discussing what respect actually means, and how we can show it. Everybody (including Miss Smith and Mrs Boulton) had a number of post-it notes to write down what respect means to them and stick it to the board:

As you can see, there were lots of brilliant ideas! In fact, they were so brilliant that we decided to type them up and display them in the classroom:

We then looked at the different types of respect and what they might look like:

Later on in the week, we did some work on the Pixar animated short film ‘For the Birds’. It’s an excellent, funny and thought-provoking film that fits really well into the theme of ‘choose respect’.

We watched it once, then wrote what the birds might be saying (there are no words in the film) immediately to get down our first reaction before discussing it with anybody.

We then watched it a number of times and carried out some tasks from our task map.


It was great fun and we learnt lots.

We also had the pleasure of a visit from a British Sign Language specialist. We were taught the alphabet and a number of common phrases. We were able to both ask and answer questions by signing and had a great time in doing so! It really made us think about respect, especially in respecting those who may be different in some way, for example using British Sign Language.

We also managed (amazingly) to fit in some amazing Taiko drumming! You can read all about that and see some pictures in a separate blog post.

To top off our amazing week, we baked some delicious butterfly cakes to sell for Children in Need.

It wasn’t just any baking though – we were competing in the school bake-off! We all took part in the mixing and decorating process, and during assembly on Friday afternoon, we found out we’d won! We had a great time win or lose, but it was great to get the winning spoon:

WW1 Poetry

Monday, November 19th, 2018

The Owls recently completed their poetry learning journey in English, finishing off with creating some WW1 poetry to commemorate the centenary of Armistice Day.

We analysed the imagery created in John McCrae’s ‘In Flanders Fields’ as well as watching some footage from  the front line to inspire us.

It really made us think about how brave the soldiers were and how much they sacrificed.

Here are a number of our poems:

Choose Respect

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

As part of  Anti-Bullying Week 2018, everyone has been learning more about our first school value, RESPECT. One of the activities was taiko drumming which involved everyone respecting each other to be able to perform together. Also, the equipment needed to be treated with respect so the skins were not damaged by being touched by hands.

We began with an assembly where the drums were introduced with a fantastic performance from Peter and Oliver. Later, the Hawks and Owls all got the opportunity to learn some drumming skills and the Owls performed to the rest of the school before lunch. The sound was incredible and demonstrated what can be achieved through respect and collaboration. A full gallery of pictures is on the school website.

Drumming Demonstration

Hawks Drumming

Owls Drumming

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