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Swimming Gala

Monday, March 26th, 2018

The swimming team took part in the Small Schools Swimming Gala. Everyone enjoyed applying their swimming skills to a competitive situation and represented the school really well. Superb levels of determination and perseverance were demonstrated by the whole team who also behaved brilliantly. Well done to Anna and Amelie for reaching the finals of their races.

Nature Quiz- Round 1 Winners! (Just!)

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Some of the Owls who have regularly attended Nature Club this term have represented the school in the Gloucestershire Nature Quiz. It was a very close and tense competition which kept the Hawks on the edge of their seats throughout. Over 5 rounds, both teams finished on 28 points meaning that there had to be a tie-breaker. However, they also tied the tie-breaker! Therefore, there was a count-back in the specimen round to decide the winners. Luckily this had been a very strong round for the Avening team and they have advanced to the next round! Well done team and Mrs Amos for all their hard work in Nature Club.

Sport Relief

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Everyone had fun taking part in our Sport Relief Step Challenge. There were skipping steps, sidesteps, jumping steps, backward steps and silly steps!

There is a full gallery of pictures on the school website.

Backward Steps

Jumping Steps

Silly Steps

Residential at Marchants Hill

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

The Owls have enjoyed a fantastic residential at Marchants Hill where they had the opportunity to learn new skills while developing their ability to show courage and perseverance.

After arriving, they met their PGL leader, Conor, who showed them around and played games on the field. Once they had eaten lunch, they took part in orienteering and abseiling. Orienteering around the woods taught everyone some important map reading skill which they were able to use in a competition to get as many stamps as possible. A lot of energy was used in getting between the points! Abseiling presented a different set of challenges. After clambering into the harnesses, there was a climb of four flights of stairs to get to the top of the tower. First of all, everyone had to engage to learn the skills and techniques required to abseil safely. Then a huge amount of courage was required to stand on the edge and lean back into thin air! There were some very wobbly legs at the top but pupils were able to overcome their fears and take a risk. They were really proud of themselves when they reached the bottom and took confidence from their success. Several pupils took it a step further and even though they did not complete the abseil on their first attempt they persevered, showed even more courage and completed the challenge on their second go. This was a fantastic achievement.

A delicious meal was followed by a campfire in the woods. Everyone dressed in their warm clothes and trekked down into the valley, deep within the woods, where they gathered around the campfire. The PGL leaders taught them lots of new songs, played games and told stories to keep everyone entertained until they were ready for bed.

After a good nights sleep, day two presented the challenge of archery, fencing, trapeze and climbing. Archery and fencing gave everyone chance to learn new skills and develop on ones they had learnt in school. Climbing allowed everyone to learn belay skills (knuckles, pocket, reach around, lock it) as well as take on the climbing wall. Everyone had to trust their belay team while finding the best route up the wall and getting as high as they could. It was really pleasing to see so many pupils reaching their personal best on their second go. The trapeze was a real test of courage as you first had to climb to the top of a wobbly pole. Then there was the leap into the air to reach the target which made everyone overcome their nerves!

Once everyone had eaten well, there was the challenge of getting a water bomb from the top of a tower to the ground safely. There were many collaboration skills on show as the pupils worked in groups to create a design. Motivation was increased when Conor promised any group that accomplished the challenge could pelt him with the water bombs! There were some very creative designs on show as they thought about solving the problem. There creations were then put to the test as Conor threw them from the top of the tower with a variety of results. Some water bombs did not make it but two groups were successful, much to Conor’s annoyance!

Another nights sleep resulted in the final day of the residential. Jacob’s ladder allowed everyone to apply their belay skills in a new task and everyone had to work together to get their group as high as possible. Lots of problem skills were required as well as a healthy dose of perseverance, especially after a sudden downpour including hail! The weather only increased the challenge of the Challenge Course which was full of mud and puddles. Everyone enjoyed overcoming the obstacles and it was really pleasing to see pupils support each other to get the whole team around the course. Nobody finished the course without becoming covered in mud from head to toe! A warm shower was a welcome end to the events and there was definitely a sound of snoring on the coach journey home!

All of the pupils should be very proud of their achievements on the residential. Everyone overcame their fears and showed courage to take risks which gave them more confidence in  their own ability to achieve things they did not think were possible. They worked really well to collaborate in competing the tasks and supporting each other to overcome their fears. A real team effort! They also learnt many skills in becoming more independent as they had to organise their rooms and make sure they kept all of their belongings together. Organisation and preparation were needed to make sure they had everything they needed for the different activities giving them independent learning skills they will be able to transfer back to the classroom. Their behaviour was excellent, a credit to the school, and they all developed their ability to respect each other and their instructors. Well done Owls!

A full gallery of pictures are on the school website.



Challenge Course



Jacob’s Ladder


Singing around the campfire

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