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Mayan Day

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

On 10th March, we were joined by a lady from Creative History to immerse us in the Maya culture.

We began the day by looking at some different items linked with the Maya and how they used to live. We saw genuine artifacts (1300 years old!), food they will have eaten and lots more.

P1030211 P1030210 P1030212 P1030213 P1030214 P1030278

Once we had all had a good look, Patricia talked to us about what the different things would’ve been used for and we worked together to split them into a number of different categories, including: household, leisure, commerce and food. It was really interesting to think about the day to day life of the Maya and what they would’ve been doing all those years ago.


Later in the day, we played a settlement game. This involved looking at the different types of building the Maya would have in a village and designing our own little village.

P1030227 P1030226 P1030224 P1030223 P1030222 P1030221 P1030220 P1030219 P1030218

We then put all of our settlements together to build a big town. We talked about how the different areas of the town would’ve been richer or poorer, depending on the type and amount of land they had. We also put in a number of roads between villages – the more roads to and from the village, the more people would pass through it and spend their money.

P1030231 P1030230P1030232P1030233

After break time, we learnt to write our names in Maya hieroglyphics. This was really tricky but very interesting!

P1030267 P1030266 P1030265 P1030263 P1030262 P1030261

P1030258 P1030257

Towards the end of the day, we looked in more detail at a number of the objects we had discussed earlier in the day. We analysed thee objects by thinking about what we knew about them, what we may have assumed about them and any links between these ideas. It really got us thinking

!P1030273 P1030277 P1030276 P1030275 P1030274

To finish the day, we played a board game all about the life and death of the Maya culture. We also learnt a bit more about why the Maya people died out, which turned out to be a lot about the weather! A severe drought meant farming was impossible – without farming they were unable to survive.

It was a great way to end our brilliant topic and we learnt lots!

Forest School 22nd February

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

The Owls had another brilliant Forest School session, this time with our new Forest School leader Carrie.

We built on skills learnt when building and creating fires with Piers, and transferred these skills to den building. We were able to use logs and sticks (and anything else we could find in the learning garden!) along with string and groundsheets to build some brilliant dens! We were also able to use knives and saws to cut the sticks in order to improve further on our designs.

P1030142 P1030143 P1030144 P1030145 P1030146 P1060463 P1060465 P1060466 P1060467 P1060468 P1060469 P1060471 P1060472 P1060473 P1060475 P1060476 P1060477 P1060478 P1060479 P1060480

Once we had built our dens, we came together to look at everyone’s different designs. They were all really unique and it was great to share our ideas and actually get in to our dens!

P1060482 P1060483 P1060484 P1060485 P1060486 P1060487 P1060488 P1060489 P1060490

We had a brilliant time, we all collaborated to create some great den designs and we were all really engaged with our outdoor learning. Thanks Carrie!

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