Mayan Tiles

Within our topic of Mexico this term, we have been studying the Maya civilisation.

So far we have looked at the overall history of the Mayans, including looking at a variety of pictures and other sources in order to form questions, and filling in a timeline of important events. We looked at their creation story and are linking this to a dance. We’ve also looked at the Gods they used to worship and even created our own versions!

This week, we have been making clay tiles in the style of the Mayans. We thought about patterns and details used by the Mayans in art last week, and applied this learning to engraving our clay tiles this week. Everyone’s design was unique and fantastic!

P1030096 P1030097 P1030099 P1030101 P1030102 P1030103 P1030104 P1030105 P1030106 P1030108 P1030110 P1030111 P1030113 P1030129 P1030115 P1030119 P1030120 P1030124 P1030126 P1030127


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  1. Mrs Rushton Says:

    Some beautiful tiles Owls. You look so absorbed in your learning in these pictures!

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