Problem Solving

Every maths lesson on a Friday, we do problem solving in the Owls. It’s one of our favourite maths sessions of the week and it really helps us to practice our problem solving skills. We have a different problem to solve each week and use different strategies, depending on which is most suitable. Our strategies are: drawing a picture/diagram; simplifying the problem; making an organised list or table; reasoning logically; working backwards; looking for a pattern; acting out the situation; trial and error/improvement.

Last week we were focusing on the following problem:


The most popular strategy seemed to be acting out the situation, which was a great choice and very successful!

P1030071 P1030072 P1030073 P1030075 P1030080 P1030081 P1030082 P1030083

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  1. Mrs Rushton Says:

    Great thinking Owls. It is good to see you showing perseverance when problem-solving!

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