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Problem Solving

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Every maths lesson on a Friday, we do problem solving in the Owls. It’s one of our favourite maths sessions of the week and it really helps us to practice our problem solving skills. We have a different problem to solve each week and use different strategies, depending on which is most suitable. Our strategies are: drawing a picture/diagram; simplifying the problem; making an organised list or table; reasoning logically; working backwards; looking for a pattern; acting out the situation; trial and error/improvement.

Last week we were focusing on the following problem:


The most popular strategy seemed to be acting out the situation, which was a great choice and very successful!

P1030071 P1030072 P1030073 P1030075 P1030080 P1030081 P1030082 P1030083

WW1 Visit

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Back in November in the Owls class, we went to visit the Comrades Club in Nailsworth for a practical morning remembering WW1.

We got to handle lots of artifacts from the trenches, and some of the actual weapons and uniform used during the war. (Mrs Amos even got to dress up exactly as a soldier would have!)

P1020983    P1020994 P1020991 P1020998 P1030005 P1030001 P1030007 P1030012 P1030015 P1030027 P1030028 P1030030

We also wrote some moving poetry and created a beautiful poppy wreath to display on the day.

P1020949  P1020947

We all really enjoyed our day and learnt lots about what life was like for the soldiers during WW1.

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