Childline Visit

On Monday 14th September, our class were visited by 2 lovely people from Childline.

First, we went to the village hall where Sheila and Robbie from Childline were waiting for us. They talked through a PowerPoint, which explained who Childline were and the work that they did. We were also introduced to a great way of remembering their phone number with hand movements, and Ruari managed to do this the fastest!

We then went back to the classroom, where Sheila and Robbie talked in more detail about the work Childline do and gave us an opportunity to discuss our feelings and opinions on  the different issues facing some children.

Before Sheila and Robbie left, they gave everyone their own ‘Buddy Kit’, where we could record places we like to visit, things we enjoy doing and all of the different people  we could ask for help if we needed it.

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  1. Mrs Rushton Says:

    I’m pleased that you all know about the important job that Childline does – and what to do if you ever need any help yourself. Remember that it is always better to talk to someone you trust about a problem than to keep that problem to yourself.

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