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Avening Haiku

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Our Year 6 Leavers have written Haiku poetry about Avening Primary School. Haiku is a form of Japanese poem which has three lines. The first line has five syllables, the second seven syallbles and the third line five. Here are a few examples:

Avening Haiku

Everyone glistens
A glow of friendly faces
Fills the school with warmth.

Vivid library
Colourful as a rainbow
Inspires us to read.

by Elsie

The Owls Yucca Plant

Sat by the window
The lonesome Yucca plant stares
dreamily outside

Lots of thirsty mouths
Not noticing the Yucca
Quickly quench their thirst

By Theo

The Protective Teacher

Protecting the class,
The teacher hurried them out,
While the fire drill sounded.

Summer Garden

Fresh green garden dazzles,
In the beautiful sunshine,
As the birds sing their tune.

By Ellie

The Owls Classroom

A silent classroom,
children hunched over textbooks,
focusing intently.

Children working: motionless
lost deep within their smooth lined pages
absorbed in their work.

by Ruby

Bell Haiku

Promptly rung, it sits.
Waiting for its daily haul.
3:30 arives.

Owls Haiku

Bob Marley playing.
Children focusing on work.
Being silent.

By Hugh Chidley